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How to Install a Pendant Light

Simple Steps to Mount Your Pendant Light

Transforming your room's ambiance is a breeze with our elegant pendant lights. Here’s a simplified guide to help you install your new light fixture safely and accurately:

1. Preparatory Phase:

Turn off the electricity at the main circuit to ensure a safe working environment. Have the following items on hand: a screwdriver, wire stripper, ladder, and your pendant light fixture.

2. Uninstalling Previous Fixture:

Remove any existing light fixture cautiously. Detach the wires by unscrewing the wire nuts and separating the wire connections.

3. Piecing Together Your Pendant Light:

Adhere to the provided manual to assemble your new pendant light fixture. If a mounting bracket is included, affix it to the electrical box using screws.

4. Wire Connection:

Align the wires based on color: white to white for neutral, black to black for hot, and green or bare to the grounding screw or green wire. For the international version, the hot wire is usually brown or red, and the neutral wire is blue.Secure the connections using wire nuts. 

5. Fixture Attachment:

Delicately lift the pendant light, ensuring the canopy covers the electrical box. Fasten the canopy to the mounting bracket using screws.

6. Adjustments and Verification:

Modify the cord or chain length to attain your desired hanging height. Re-energize the circuit and turn on the light to confirm it operates correctly.

7. Handy Tips:

Having a helper can be invaluable, especially when handling the ladder or holding the fixture. Remember, safety is paramount—ensure the power is off before you begin the installation.

8. Visual Guide:

For a quick reference, view the general instruction image below:

General Instructions for Pendant