Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at support@bulbsquare.

Order & Product

Sure. We can customize the product according to your need. Just contact us with your needs.  You can send us message to the chat app on the bottom right, email us at, with detailed information like product name or code, and what customization you want to make. It may have extra fee. Just contact us!

We can (include but not limited to):

A. Extend wire length.

B. Add plug with extra chord.

C. Change the color of mounted base.

D. Change the style of light bulb fixture. 

Please find this page here 

Tracking prefix are WSEUS, SF, AG, CY, and LY.

  • You can translate the tracking information into English by pressing the Translate box on the right bottom of the information frame. 
  • If you want more details for the courier, please contact us at

UPS Tracking

The tracking will not have any update until it arrives at the UPS's warehouse. It usually takes 28 - 40 days for the next update. 

If you want more details, please contact us at 

3 Colors Changeable, including white light(6000K), warm light(3000K), neutral light(4000K), and three color temperature dimming, to meet your needs at different times. A regular switch can change the color by turning it on/off.



Not only can the brightness be dimmed, but also the color temperature with remote control. Each adjustment can adjust about 8% of the brightness. And the color temperature can be adjusted from warm(3000K) to white light (6000K).


You can pay with credit card or debit card without a PayPal account. When checking out, you can click Pay with PayPal. On the PayPal page, click Pay with Credit or Debit Card. You can pay in the store without a PayPal account and using your credit or debit card.




No worries. This was the tracking of the final courier. Since the package was sent by a fast ship, there won't be any update on the tracking after it is sent out. Once it is scanned by UPS, the tracking will be active again and start to deliver. If you want to get more information about the package, feel free to contact us .